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Monday, March 15, 2010

Items For Sale


 Cupid does what he knows best: Spreading Love.
Sure to bring a smile to everyones face.
  18 inches in height.
Cupid  is an extreme primitive piece.
 Handmade doll  by Carol Yapel of Butternut Creek Folk Art.
Inspired from a Nanny Norton design.
This item is intended for decorative display purposes only.
This item is NOT a toy and should NOT be handled by children.

$57.00  Shipping included.
 Domestic only.



If you collect George you have to have this piece!
A great eye, catching piece of folk art, with attention to detail.
Each piece is 28 inches in height. Lightly primed.
Suitable for hanging or display in a seated position.
Stick is Lake Erie driftwood.
Handmade by Carol Yapel of Butternut Creek Folk Art.
 Created with a Prim and Proper Folks design.
Each piece will be signed and dated by Carol.
The dolls are intended for decorative and display purposes only. 
They are NOT toys and should NOT be handeled by children.
A sale is pending  SOLD to a Collector
$195.00 shipping included 
 domestic only

 Wee Leprechauns On- a-Stick

Just loveable wee guys!  What big smiles. Lot of little teeth.
Wishing you a "Happy St. Paddy's Day" wherever they are tucked. 
Handmade by Butternut Creek Folk Art
Remember  to keep the children away as these are NOT toys.
*Please check for availablity*   2 in stock  1 left! 
$22.00  Each  Shipping included
domestic only 

Absolute Americana and Ohio folk art at its best!  
 A large hanging piece with vivid colors. Attention to detail
was give to this Prim and Proper Folk inspired design.
Handmade by Butternut Creek Folk Arts', Carol Yapel.
Sam and Libby are stump dolls standing in a starry box gondola.
Balloon is painted with bright, yet prim perfect red, white and blue. 
 Very top of  balloon  has a painted yellow sun burst. (Picture to  be posted).
This piece is lightly primmed.
A must for your collection!
This Item is intended for decorative and display purposed only.
It is NOT a toy and should not be handled by children.

$350.00  shipping included   SOLD!  
Domestic only
item may be picked up at Farley's Country Store
Uncle Sam Tames the Hare

A must for today's American Folk Art collector!
With dimensions of 20"X16" on the diagonal,
this piece is delightful to look at, a great story telling tool.
Pattern design by Prim and Proper Folks.
This handmade item from Butternut Creek Folk Art
is intended for decorative purposes only.
It is NOT a toy and should NOT be handled by children.
       $130.00  shipping included    
              domestic only                    

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