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Monday, April 19, 2010


(Click on picture for detail)
Walker D. Plank and Wendy Deck-Walker have tied the knot!
This couple  is loaded with personality.....  from the patch over Walker's eye to his Lake Erie driftwood  pegleg to his pet parrot perched atop his flag pole.
Wendy, a pirate wench, has big, blue button eyes.
Her midrif top shows off her  heart tattoo located next to her "outie" navel.
Wendy has a hook for a left hand !
Both are heavliy primmed, measuring 19 inches head to toe.
The pair do NOT have hangers.  If you would  like them to hang let me know.
   What a perfect gift for those who live and love the sea!
A great addition to a childs room on a high shelf  away from little hands.
Sure to become the "much loved dolls from my past".
The pattern was inspired by Nanny Norton.
Each piece will be signed and dated by
Carol Yapel of Butternut Creek Folk Art
These items are intended for
decorative and display purposes only.  They are NOT toys
and should NOT be handled by children.

$152.00  for the pair
domestic Shipping included

If you believe they should not remain a couple:
$79.00 each
domestic shipping included
All Wendy's and Walker's have jumped ship
Please email me to place an order!

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